Scientific trip to Sulaymaniah museum and national museum (Amna Surak)

On 20th, October, 2023 on a scientific and entertainment trip the students of English department  visited both historical places Sulaymaniah museum and the national museum (Amna Suraka.)

The trip was purposefully arranged by the representative of the English department(Mohamed Salah)  to those places, in which, both places are closely relevant to the subjects that are studied by the English department students.

Regarding literature, the students could see one of the tablets of the epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered the very beginning literary work. However, history and literature are intertwined closely and the trip could clarify this point.

Regarding the national museum, the student could be able to see one of those places where the past generation was suffered and punished there which was known as “Amna Suraka,” by the bloody hand of the Baath regime. Now, the national is decorated for people to imagine how hard was it to live in the period of the Baath regime. We hope one day the students be inspired by that tragedy in order to produce literary work, or translate books, essays, and documents from the Kurdish language into the English language. To show the whole world how the new generation is caring towards its merits and heritages. slot gacor situs toto bento4d toto slot slot gacor situs toto